Albemarle Neighbor: Twiford honors veterans with newly erected ‘Wall of Freedom’

By Anna Goodwin McCarthy


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David H. Twiford is committed to honoring the service of veterans. A few months ago he decided to design a “Wall of Freedom” located at Twiford Funeral Homes in Elizabeth City.

“I don’t want veterans to be forgotten,” said Twiford. “I want to help preserve their legacy.”

Twiford said he was given three medals that were found at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station that did not belong to anybody.

“They were dated back to World War II,” said Twiford. And so he committed that he would “proudly display them” on a “Wall of Freedom.”

The number of medals individually framed on the wall has grown to 10 as people have given their medals and medals of their loved ones to Twiford.

“It is about recognizing their commitment and dedication to making us free,” said Twiford.

Hanging directly across from the display is a framed picture of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Twiford said his family’s Twiford Funeral Homes was selected to provide funeral services for MacArthur in 1964. Twiford said he was a teenager when he assisted with the funeral services for the general.

On an adjacent wall are framed photos of his father, Sam A. Twiford, SSGT in the U.S. Army during World War II and a photograph of Twiford himself who is a U.S. Naval Reserve veteran.

Twiford said he “would love to fill the wall” with medals honoring veterans.

Twiford is the president and CEO and Twiford Funeral Homes, LLC, a family owned business since 1933. He said the best aspect of his profession is “knowing that you are helping people at the most difficult time in their lives.”

“It is a rewarding experience when you have helped someone to honor their loved one,” said Twiford.

“I am the Honored Provider of Veterans Funeral Care for the entire Albemarle region.”

In honor of the service of the nation’s veterans, Twiford established the Sam A. Twiford Veteran’s Memorial Park at Twiford Funeral Homes at the Church Street location.

Twiford is a member of Ramoth Gilead Baptist Church, B.P.O. Elks #856, I.O.R.M. Tribe #8, Eureka Masonic Lodge #317, Scottich Rites and York Rites, Sudan Shrine Temple and serves on the board of directors of BB&T.

Twiford said he enjoys traveling with his wife, Darlene, and spending time with their three children and six grandchildren.