My small town top 10 list

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Perhaps if you have lived in a large city, and then moved to a small town, you have noticed some glaring differences in life.

Here is a list of 10 reasons I enjoy living in a small town.

10) Traffic. While it’s not always to my liking, — Has anyone ever heard of a turn signal? — overall traffic snarls do not exist here. And if it’s bad, well I know all of the side streets.

9) The cost of living. All things being relative, the cost of living in a small town is easier on the pocketbook. Oh sure, it’s fair to say that the rate of pay in smaller towns isn’t what it might be elsewhere, but overall there are some financial perks.

8) The activities. Now this one gets folks to pause. It seems that small town life doesn’t always equate activities, but at least here in the Albemarle region, and especially in Elizabeth City, there’s plenty to do on just about any day of the week. Heck, we even have a few watering holes that provide live music, if that’s your thing.

7) A slower pace. Yep, perhaps it’s my age showing but I have put up a slower pace as a perk here.

If you’ve never lived in a large city, you might not be able to appreciate this item. And if you have kids, you might be asking, “What slower pace?” But take my word for it, there’s something nice about doing business with folks on an easy-going-how’s-the-wife-and-kids basis.

6) Speaking of kids, you have to admit that by and large, life in a small town is a huge perk for families with children, especially here.

Having children myself, I can guarantee that there is plenty for them to do, and locally we have a lot of extracurricular enrichment opportunities for the children.

5) Local government. Now this one might leave you laughing, but after years of writing about government, and being an elected official in a small town, I can tell you that local government in a small town is accessible. Oh sure, there are plenty of things we want to grouse about where local government is concerned, and the elected folks, well they might not always listen when you talk, but to be sure, you can talk to them; and most of them are pretty friendly folks, even if you don’t see eye-to-eye.

4) I like small downtowns. Walking around a small downtown is pleasant and relaxing.

3) Schools. Although we all have our theories about public schools one way or another, you have to admit that smaller schools overall is a plus.

2) The folks. I love knowing people. I love seeing someone I know just about everywhere I go.

1) And the best thing? Well, when you buy a new pair of khakis one day, and the zipper breaks the next day, an hour or so before a meeting, the clerk at the department store doesn’t think you’re insane standing there with an open fly, wanting to exchange them without your receipt in hand.