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First-grade teacher Harold Sanderlin (right) and Shawboro student Abby Rose demonstrate one of the activities associated with the ACES program.
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First-grade teacher Harold Sanderlin (right) and Shawboro student Abby Rose demonstrate one of the activities associated with the ACES program.

School Life: Shawboro Elementary boasts 13 sets of twins

By Staff reports

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Shawboro Elementary School is the “Home of the Mustangs” and the proud home of 13 sets of twins for the 2012 – 2013 school year.

They are Courtney and Logan Everette, Gabriel and Gregory Dick, Logan and Tanner Jennings, Marissa and Makayla Coleman, Analise and James Sims, Landon and Leigha Woodard, Benjamin and Nathan Flora, Hunter and Tyler Miles, Emma-Leigh and Austin Roberts, Samuel and Hannah Hodge, Bradley and Brent Dozier, Raina and Hunter Nixon, and Brianna and Brittany Smith.

These students are a part of the 513 students enrolled for this school year.

Students, parents, and staff members are excited about what is looking like a school year that will have double the fun and double the learning.

Student Board 
Members sworn in

Student Board Members have been a part of the Currituck County Board of Education since January, 2008.

Since that time, seven students from the high school level have applied, undergone an interview, and were selected to serve by the board members during their junior and senior year.

This year, the Board of Education chose to change policy and allow the two sitting student Board members to be selected from each of the district’s high schools.

During their September meeting, two students were officially sworn in by Clerk of Superior Court, Ray Matusko, as the next set of Student Board Members.

Representing The J. P. Knapp Early College is Rick Lage, and representing Currituck County High School is Thomas Poston.

They will join current student member, Jonathan Jackson, during his final year and serve a two year term.

Convection, conduction, radiation and popcorn

Moyock Elementary School’s 5th graders are learning about Science concepts using a variety of methods.

Mrs. Laura Jones’s facilitated an activity using popcorn to show convection, conduction, and radiation. The students were able to take what they learned about each one and describe which transfer of energy went with each type of popcorn that they popped.

Students made microwave popcorn to show radiation; used an air popper to show convection; and they cooked popcorn in a skillet to show conduction. The students enjoyed this activity, and were especially happy because not only were they engaged in an exciting lesson, they were treated to the popcorn when it was all over.

Shawboro Elementary 100 percent ACE school

Shawboro Elementary School is one of several schools in the district participating in the ACE Program during the 2012 – 2013 school year. ACE (Aerospace Connections in Education) is a part of the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education program for staff and students.

During the September Board of Education meeting, staff shared that 100 percent of the teachers at Shawboro will be participating in this program with their students. Teachers will tie lessons into the curriculum and present a variety of hands-on activities related to science and the aerospace field.

Activities will help students learn important concepts and have fun at the same time. The school is planning an “ACE Day” later in the year where the community will be invited to participate.

Staff members will also take part in a “Flight Day” at the Maple Airport. As part of this, staff will have opportunities to fly over the county and learn more about flight so that this first-hand information can be shared with students.