After a snowball battle turns into wrestling Cory Sawyer, 16, (on the ground center) gets wrestled to the ground by his friends and has snow tossed on him in the Summerfield subdivision in Elizabeth City, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

After a snowball battle turns into wrestling Cory Sawyer, 16, (on the ground center) gets wrestled to the ground by his friends and has snow tossed on him in the Summerfield subdivision in Elizabeth City, Thursday, Jan. 23.

Snow Day! Tips for making best of Snowmageddon

By Robert Kelly - Goss

The Daily Advance

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If it’s gonna snow, then we might as well have fun with it.

Here’s a few tips for having fun in the snow; something to keep the kids busy while you pretend to work from home.

First you need to know your snow. As of press time it is difficult to determine what sort of snow will fall on the area, but the consistency is important for your activity.

Powder snow comes down amidst dry conditions. It’s good for skiing, snowshoeing and all around trekking. It’s not so good for snowmen or snowball fights.

Snowball snow, on the other hand, is wet and packs well. This snow is good for the fun you want but know that the wetter the snow, the more likely you’ll see downed power lines, so be careful.

Of course one of the best ways to have fun is to go sledding or tubing. The only problem around these parts is that we’re pretty flat.

That said, if you can find a great place to sled then you have a few options.

Big tire tubes are great if you’re on a big hill, otherwise you ought to consider something a little sleeker. You can always go out and buy a sled – not sure if they sell them in these parts – or a plastic disc.

If those aren’t available, and you’re stuck at home but have a hill to slide on, you can “slicker slide.” This can be done on a raincoat or perhaps a trash bag. Just be creative.

Snowball Fight!

Snowball fights are great fun but let’s face it, “You might put your eye out!” We’re not going to endorse snowball fighting as a rule, but if you do don’t pack them too tight, don’t pack them around hard objects, aim for the area between the collar bone and stomach and please don’t go pelting cars.

Make your own Frosty

Of course snowballs become snowmen.

Start your snowman with a decent sized snowball. Place it on the ground and begin rolling it so it picks up snow. Push the ball around in different directions, and be patient if you’re going for a big snowman.

Your first ball should be the largest. Once you get that one done, you want the mid-section. Stack it and then make the head.

Now there’s a good chance your snowman is not exactly round in all the right places, so this is a good opportunity to let the Michelangelo in you shine. You start by finding the right tool – anything with a straight edge will do – and then you set out scraping off the snow.

If you’re feeling artistic, you can really carve some shape into this snowguy. In fact, you can carve, pack snow and carve again until you get a fancy snow person.

Once you have the shape completed, you’ll want to add the details. The traditional snowman uses twigs and other simple accoutrements for arms, eyes, etc. Go traditional or be creative here. You’ll want a hat, scarf and maybe even Grandpa’s old pipe.

A pair of rain boots would work, too.

Frosty’s friends

If you’re really game, you can move beyond a snow person – remember, a snow-woman is perfectly acceptable. You might be making a snow-family so you’ll want to include snow-pets. It’s limited to your imagination.

You can also add color to your pal. Mix food coloring in some water, put it in a spray bottle and color your snow-creature. Don’t pour water directly on your creation, however. You might melt it.

Snow fort!

Now, if you’ve been thinking more about those snowball fights, you might also want to think about snow forts. All you need are buckets, bowls, boxes or any container that will work as a form.

Take your forms, pack them full of snow and begin building the walls of your fort. Once you have put your snow fort up, you might want to take that spray bottle full of cold water and spray down the fort. This will solidify the walls.

Snow Cream!

Now that you have had a snowball fight, built a village full of snow-people and created a snow fort, you will need some snow nourishment. That would be snow cream and if you do it just right it’s just as good as any ice cream.

All you need is a nice big mixing bowl, fresh snow, 1 tspn. vanilla extract and a 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix it together in the bowl until it has that creamy consistency and commence to eating your snow cream.

One tip, however: Eat it right then. It’s only good when fresh.