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Volunteering at ECPPS schools down, donations up

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Sixty-three fewer people volunteered in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools and 189 fewer businesses partnered with the district compared to the previous school year, but the amount of donations increased by almost $75,000, a report shows.

Gwen Stevens, director of Career and Technical Education for the district, added numbers provided by each school and presented the results to school board members at their June 23 committee meetings.

The district’s total number of business partners decreased from 476 the previous school year to 287 in 2013-14, but the total estimated value of donations from business partners increased from $132,492.98 to $207,120.49, according to her report.

The total value assigned to volunteer hours and donations combined also rose, from $702,527.44 to $707,326.41.

The number of logged volunteers in the schools dropped slightly, from 3,504 to 3,441, according to the report, and the number of volunteer hours decreased by more than 3,500, from about 26,160 logged hours to roughly 22,593.

In the 2012-13 school year, volunteers logged an average of 7.5 hours apiece, while last year’s average was 6.6 hours per volunteer.

The district honored all volunteers of the year and business partners of the year with plaques at the ECPPS Community Recognition Night Reception and Awards Ceremony April 15.

Langley Taylor, nominated by P.W. Moore Elementary, was named district level volunteer of the year; and Chick-fil-A, nominated by both Elizabeth City and River Road middle schools, was the district level business partner of the year.

The Pasquotank Ministers’ Council for Education received the Special Award for Meritorious Service “for its continued support, commitment and devotion to ECPPS.”

Numbers by each school

Only five schools reported an increase in the number of volunteers logging time at the schools, and just J.C. Sawyer Elementary and Pasquotank County High reported increases in volunteer hours logged from the previous school year. The other 10 district’s schools recorded fewer volunteer hours.

J.C. Sawyer had the largest increases in those categories, gaining 264 volunteers and more than 2,200 volunteer hours. In 2013-14, 577 volunteers spent 4,783.40 hours in the school, while 313 volunteers contributed 2,522.53 hours the previous year.

River Road Middle reported the sharpest decline in the number of volunteers, dropping from 363 to 176.

River Road and Sheep-Harney Elementary saw the largest decreases in volunteer hours, both reporting about 1,215 fewer hours logged than during the previous year.

Sheep-Harney nonetheless reported an increase in its number of volunteers, going from 535 to 598.

Only four schools — J.C. Sawyer, Sheep-Harney, Northeastern High and Pasquotank County High — reported increases in the number of school business partners.

J.C. Sawyer gained the most business partners, as it went from 27 to 62. Pasquotank County High expanded its business partners from 28 to 40; Sheep-Harney went from 18 to 27; and Northeastern went from 14 to 18 business partners.

Of the eight schools reporting declines in business partners, H.L. Trigg Community School saw the biggest loss, going from 207 business partners — the most in the district in 2012-13 — to the district’s fewest, eight, last school year.

J.C. Sawyer boasted the district’s most business partners, at 62. Following were Pasquotank County High with 40; Northside Elementary and River Road Middle with 30 apiece; and Sheep-Harney with 27.

Donation dollars by school

Pasquotank County High by far reported the largest estimated value of business partners’ donations, at $72,043.

Northeastern and J.C. Sawyer followed, with estimated donation values of $22,396 and $17,565, respectively.

Elizabeth City Middle reported the lowest estimated donation value, $3,469, from its 10 business partners.

P.W. Moore Elementary had the second-lowest estimated donation value, of $4,740, and had five business partners.

River Road was third-lowest, with $5,957 reported from its 30 business partners.

The two district high schools reported the largest increases in estimated donation values from business partners from the year prior.

Donations to Pasquotank County High increased by $55,479.75 and donations to Northeastern increased by $19,275.

Northside Elementary saw the largest loss, reporting donations of $7,398 less than the previous year.

H.L. Trigg followed, with donations dropping $5,760.


Central elementary

Some of the schools do not want parents there! I have had two children attend Central Elementary School. When the first Child attended it was a wonderful school that encouraged parental participation. That first child got the most wonderful education and the school was full of parents and the children thrived. Many of them graduated top of the class. My second child just finished Central and it was like a different school. No parental help in the classroom especially once hitting fourth and fifth grades. The children didn't thrive or get a great education. Just my observation!

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