Happy Shoppers: Belk, Walmart open earlier this year

Ricky Bass and his wife Chrissy reached the parking lot of the Elizabeth City Belk almost a few hours before a Thanksgiving Day evening opening of the department store so they could vie among other early-birds for a $1,000 gift card.

  • Lynch: Clinic shooting crime against women

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Attorney General Loretta Lynch is calling the shootings in Colorado Springs a crime against women receiving health care services at Planned Parenthood.

  • Business: Bookstore completes 10-year chapter, turns new page

    A downtown Elizabeth City business owner will soon be celebrating 10 years of serving customers along the Harbor of Hospitality’s picturesque waterfront.

  • Enviro scorecard: Goose eggs for Cook, Steinburg

    State Sen. Bill Cook and Rep. Bob Steinburg were on the wrong side of every major environmental bill the General Assembly passed this year, the N.C. League of Conservation Voters is claiming in its “2015 Legislative Scorecard.”

  • Enviros seek to delay bridge

    The Southern Environmental Law Center has called for the N.C. Board of Transportation to delay building the Mid-Currituck Bridge, arguing project is costly, low-priority and raises too many environmental concerns.

  • Camden sues to recover NCDC site

    CAMDEN — Ownership of the site of a former child care center is at the heart of an eight-month-old legal dispute involving Camden County, a since-defunct nonprofit organization, six government agencies and a bank.

Just Short: Northeastern falls to Kinston in 3rd round

KINSTON — As Kinston wide receiver Anthony Berry hauled in a 22-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Thomas Vermillion with 42 seconds remaining, all Northeastern defensive back J.R. Walker could do was slam his fist into the turf.

Historic homes open for Holiday Home Tour

Historic homes decked in Christmas finery will open for a Holiday Home Tour this coming weekend in Elizabeth City.

Today’s editorial cartoon

  • Our View: Public meeting on city-county water dispute needed

    Elizabeth City officials are probably right when they say agreeing to Pasquotank County commissioners’ request for a public meeting on the two governments’ now year-old water rate dispute wouldn’t result in an agreement that had the county dropping its lawsuit against the city and the city dismissing its countersuit against the county.

  • God’s plan: Our Christ-likeness!

    “This is God’s will for you”— 1 Thessalonians 5:8 (NIV)“Now I know that you are the one, true person God meant for me all along,” said the woman in love.

  • York: Obamacare’s troubles a gift to 2016 Republican candidates

    There have been many articles in the last year with some variation of the headline “GOP Surrenders on Obamacare.” The stories mostly concern a tendency among some Republican policy elites to adopt the Washington conventional wisdom that Obamacare cannot be repealed because it has already become deeply entrenched in American life.

  • Robinson: A fine mess the Republican Party has gotten itself into

    WASHINGTON — As the leading Republican presidential candidates rant and rave about deporting 11 million immigrants, fighting some kind of world war against Islam, implementing gimmicky tax plans that would bankrupt the nation and other such madness, keep one thing in mind: The party establishment brought this plague upon itself.

  • Cohn: Turkey made a mistake by shooting first, thinking second

    WASHINGTON — As if the Syrian conflict wasn’t tough enough, the actions of Turkey in shooting down a Russian plane just made it a whole lot tougher and utterly defies logic.