12 apply for vacant school seat

By Corinne Saunders

Staff Writer

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Twelve people applied for the vacant seat on the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education, including six who got their applications in Thursday on the final day they were accepted.

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File: BBE UNEXPIRED TERM FULFILLMENT When a vacancy occurs on the Elizabeth CityPasquotank Board of Education, the procedure as outlined in North Carolina Session Laws of 1967, Chapter 29 (as amended), will apply. The Board will fill the vacancy by naming as a member the person who appears to be the best qualified to hold the office. All interested individuals, who meet the residency requirements as defined in North Carolina Session Laws of 1967, Chapter 29 (as amended), are encouraged to make their interest known. The procedures below will be followed: 1. The chairperson of the Board will appoint a Search Committee to consider and contact possible qualified applicants for the vacancy. 2. However, any qualified persons may submit to the superintendent, by a date established by the Board, a typewritten or printed application form. This form will be available from the superintendent's office. (See BBEE) 3. The Search Committee will recommend not less than two names nor more than four to the full Board for consideration. 4. The Board shall vote by written ballot to fill the vacancy at a subsequent regular Board Meeting, providing that the next regular meeting is within the 60day limitation to fill such vacancies. If necessary, the chairman of the Board will call a special meeting of the Board to fill the vacancy. 5. Provided, in case a successor has been duly elected to fill the vacancy upon expiration of the term, the board may determine to waive the foregoing procedures and to fill the unexpired term by such duly elected successor. ADOPTED: October 11, 1977 REVISED: September 24, 1990 REVISED: March 22, 1993 EXHIBITS: BBEE ELIZABETH CITYPASQUOTANK PUBLIC SCHOOLS, ELIZABETH CITY, NC 27909

School Board Candidate‘s Spouse Working in the District?

School Board Candidate‘s Spouse Working in the District? Confused! What is the School Board policy on this issue? If this candidate is elected, can his spouse still be employed in the district?

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