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Susann Heidler/Leonard Outlaw III

Susann Heidler/Leonard Outlaw III

2 face sex with minor charges

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Two people — one an organizer of Elizabeth City’s annual International Cup Regatta, the other a former social worker who worked with abused children— are facing charges of sexual misconduct with a teenage girl.

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Other concerns

While I don't know if these allegations are true or not, I find myself being concerned not only for the 15-year-old in question, but for the suspects school-aged children. What will these allegations mean for them when they return to school later this month? Logically, I know an investigation occurred before the arrest, but I hope none of this happened for all concerned.

I read the article and I did

I read the article and I did not see anything concerning their guilt; only that they were charged. What edition of TDA did you folks read? Isn't that what a newspaper is required to do; print only the news?

sallie not tony

Hi again Freespeaker. Still no lunch date, huh? I'm not as scary as I sound. I read your post, and as usual, you are blowing out your blow hole. I'm actually surprised you would even write again. I figured you would just cough up a new name and carry on from your parent's basement. I can only assume from your post that you are criticizing the Advance for reporting the arrest of two sexual predators, in order to make a point about the biased liberal media. So, in your world, we should not 1) arrest sexual predators, or, 2) not report on the arrest of sexual predators, in order to protect the sexual predators from the biased, liberal media. How about the kids they prey on? How does the conservative, unbiased, loyal American, flag waving media deal with them? News for you Freespeaker, conservative news outlets are the very first to release and broadcast the news about sexual deviates. They take out ads and make lists for distribution about sex offenders. Take a side Freespeaker. Make your case like an adult. So tired of you.


I guess I'm your new vendetta. You seem to enjoy putting words in my mouth that were never uttered or subjugated. To repeat my earlier statement, I'm really not intimidated by you by any stretch of your imagination. It's very evident that I've struck a nerve with you with some of my comments, and apparently,you're not used to anyone challenging your views or way of thinking. I have noticed that most of those leaning to the left are that way. As for my criticism of TDA, their articles are tuned toward hype and sensationalism, as we all know that's what sells a paper. Their leftist, liberal view and "reporting" is often skewed and just short of real facts and truth. I take issue with you that TDA is a conservative news outlet. They are far from it and their track record proves it. In conclusion, get used to being tired of me, as I have no intention of muting my view. Like it or not, moderates and conservatives have the right to free speech also. The only thing that will really change is that I will no longer respond to your cat-calls and dares. To do so would only encourage a useless, tired rhetorical banter and fulfill a deluded ego. As for the lunch date, again, no thanks. Momma used to say, "Sleep with dogs, end up with fleas". Never really understood what that meant until now. So tired of you also. But unlike you, I recognize and respect your right to free speech and can live with your ideals and views without taking it personally.


So now when someone is arrested we do not need a trial. "Teckchick" assumes these people are guilty because they are charged. I read the same article and thought something just does not smell right. Is someone out to get somebody type thing. Lets wait until the trial and see what happens.

Obviously ...NOT

I NEVER make a comment unless I know something about a situation or know someone knowledgeable and reliable who does..... with that being said people need to dig their head out of the sand and realize a lot of investigating goes into serious accusations like this BEFORE an arrest is made. The only people who know what happened are those involved, the rest is speculation ... I don't "ASSUME" I know things like this happen and if (I will say IF to make you happy) I feel so sorry for the innocent people whose lives will be turned upside down because of this

Presumed innocent

Let's just remember that everyone is presumed to be innocent until it has been proved in a court of law they have in fact committed the crime. I think we many times forget this "FACT of LAW" in this country.

I'm with you

With TDA, they're guilty until proven innocent. But then, that's what a liberal and biased media does.

This is plain sick

This is so sad and sick. This article is very well written. I would like to commend Bill West for not referring to Leonard Outlaw 111 AGE 36 as a "Man" It amazes me how someone who is so "well known in Elizabeth City" could do something like this to a child...and be released on such a low bond to roam the streets of Elizabeth City. This just proves that all types of people are capable of such heinous crimes....

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