More than 200,546 meet Obamacare deadline


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The Affordable Care Act has taken a big bite out of North Carolina’s uninsured population — but exactly how big a bite remains unclear.

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Maybe you should tell the people in Raleigh that opposed ObamaCare to do the right thing for their citizens like the states that accepted the ACA. Those state insurance policies are cheap for their citizen but those state that didn't accept the ACA although the federal government was going to help those states pay for it is a shame and the people or those state like NC,GA,Alabama,SC. ect. mostly in the south east should be appall at their state representatives and governors that are denying the cheap insurance to you. To the people who don't know what's going on but just going by what they hear on the news and certain radio shows do your own research on the states that did accept the ACA and you will see the different in their premiums and yours. Start thinking for yourselves and stop listing to the people whom only think about getting re-elected and how they can keep the middle class down and help the billionaires to make more money and buy the election without any regards to whom they hurt in the process. This is the Heritage Foundation model the ACA and just because President Obama implemented their own ideal now something is wrong with it. You can't have both ways this ACA is trying to help you and many others who was in a desperate situation before because they or their family didn't have insurance. Wake up people the rich and powerful don't care about you or I they just want the power to control American like the Koch Brothers and others billionaires want to do. I repeat do your research on the states the have the ACA and your state that doesn't and make your decision on what is the best situation you wish you had. Thanks. Peace.

I wish

I wish I had a president who didn't continually lie to me. Peace.

who said

those that signed up were uninsured before? I had a good policy before and signed up for a new more expensive lesser policy back in December but as of right now I don't have insurance due to the failures of the AHCA. Thanks for nothing !!!!

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