$365K more eyed for new shopping complex

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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The city and county are being asked to pump an additional $365,000 into the $20 million developer Thompson Thrift’s shopping center project for road improvements.

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Developer is Playing Us

The Developer is playing us, as they always do. They convince the City Manager early that the deal is a "Slam Dunk" for our community, then comes the extra costs. How many of the jobs and how much of the additional sales created by this new project will be net gains for our area, after other existing businesses see their sales drop and have to layoff employees ????????????????? The expense will be carried by the existing taxpayers. Will the existing taxpayers benefit, or will the sales revenues just be transferred to the new businesses, at the expense of the existing ones ?????????????? Is this "Progress" or more death to the existing merchants ??????????????

I partly agree

The developer already has a great offer anymore is just greed. We need the jobs and tax base but we should not be anybodies doormat.

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