Area to lose $108K for teacher aides


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Barring a last-minute fix to the state budget, school districts in Pasquotank and three other area counties could lose as much as $107,887 this year in funding for teacher assistants.

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I think I saw

over 50%(some $11.7 billion)of the total budget was spent on education in NC. I know the NCAE wants more money, more money, more money. Will more money make education better in NC?


Mr. Lehmann -I believe you are correct on the budget#. However as Rep Bob Steinburg points out above, their is a net loss of funding for TAs, which will effect our local districts. I believe the shortfall was unintentional and Rep Steinburg indicates that was not the House's intention, but caused by a flaw in the new funding formula. The House has proposed a reasonable fix. Not sure of the Senate's intentions, and would like to hear from Sen Bill Cook. As to your question, I believe our politicians in Raleigh think the answer is "yes". Based upon the matrix used for the just announced teachers' raises, they are trying to attract & retain the "best & the brightest" by offering substantial raises in years 1 thru 11. Let's hope they are successful! Bill Hiemer

I want to see

the rest of the story.

I wish the rest the rest of the story was out too.

As I understand it, the education budget has more dollars (a significant amount)more in this budget than the previous. Shifts have been in different areas. Some areas got less, some got more. Is there any budget that works different than that? I don't know of one.

I realize teaching assistants are filled by real people that need jobs. That is what makes this a tough call. As for the position, I am not convinced they are needed in the large amounts that they are used. Pre-K through first grade I can see having teacher assistants. Beyond that I have my doubts that anything other than a floating teacher assistant is needed. I need to hear a compelling reason why second grade and above needs classroom dedicated teacher assistants.

kz001 please consider.....

I have 2 sons with Masters degrees who are special-ed teachers, one at the intermediate school level & the other in a high school (neither teaches in NC). They both tell stories of how critical good TAs (yes, there are some poor ones) are in that teaching environment. Depending on the size of their class, and the needs of their students, multiple TAs are often necessary to allow them to be effective. I do not know the 1st thing about teaching or TAs (I'm so old, I never had a TA in any class!) but do respect good teachers & would value their input before limiting/eliminating TAs. Bill Hiemer


I thought school funds hadn't been cut . . .

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