Arrest order issued for DWI wreck suspect

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK – An order for arrest has been issued for a Pennsylvania man who failed to show up in court on a charge of driving while impaired in connection with a traffic accident in Currituck County this summer that claimed the life of a Good Samaritan.

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others just as guilty

Jimmie Ray Rogers should have also been arrested. He is the person responsible for killing the good Samaritan If, after slowing down, you hit a vehicle that is thrown into a person, who is then thrown "90 feet into the air" evidently you didn't slow down enough. When blinded by the stopped tractor trailer truck, who was trying to light up the initial accident scene, maybe he should have slowed more considerably or even stopped. Not proceed BLINDLY into the light. There can be more than one idiot in any given village! Rest in peace Andrian King Anjui Njuguan

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