The Rev. William Barber, the state's NAACP leader, speaks at a revival at Holy Trinity Community Church in Elizabeth City, Saturday night.
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Jon Hawley

The Rev. William Barber, the state's NAACP leader, speaks at a revival at Holy Trinity Community Church in Elizabeth City, Saturday night.

Barber: GOP, history at odds

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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"There’s an army rising” against the “regressive” policies of North Carolina’s Republican politicians, NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber vowed in Elizabeth City Saturday.

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Racist? LOL

I'v read some ignorant comments about this man but (applause)I've hit pay dirt here. If he is a racist, I am the statue of liberty! Have you ever viewed a video of Moral Monday? Have you ever really listened to him? Do you know him? I think you should do your homework on this man's position on race and policy. As for "the other party"...he challenged Democrats as well and continues to challenge any legislator who is not governing for the good of the whole. Finally, to those who make super ignorant comments about him eating well, we realize that it's because you have nothing of substance to offer! If that's all you can berate him on, hell, I'd offer to buy him several good meals so that he can keep up his strength to keep saying what he's saying and doing what he's doing.


the poor people who follow this blood sucker. I have never heard him speak, and never will. I have heard enough from his fellow, educated blacks, too know he is a thorn in their sides. Pity the poor masses.


the poor people who follow this blood sucker. I have never heard him speak, and never will. I have heard enough from his fellow, educated blacks, too know he is a thorn in their sides. Pity the poor masses.

Curious... it that the GOP are only the "bad guys"?? The last time I checked there was another magor political party here in North Carolina...and I am sure that the have done their share of "sinning".

I don't know

why I continue to be surprised by the ugliness. But I keep hoping . . . . As does Reverend Barber.

It's plain

that none of you have actually listened to Reverend Barber or attended a Moral Monday event. It is nothing to do with race, but you won't educate yourselves. Your loss.


The Reverend does know which party started the KKK, does he not?


More than likely he also doesn't know, that in addition to the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in the U.S., President Lincoln had a plan to establish a colony state in Africa to repatriate all of them back to their native land. Alas! John Wilkes Booth sure screwed that up!

It was done before

And called Liberia.

I stand corrected

Thanks, avnrulz, for pointing that out. But still, in the end, Lincoln's assassination prevented the complete plan to be fulfilled.


While Rev. Barber accuses Senator Scott of, essentially, being “anti-Black” or a “sell out”, observation of the NAACP’s 21st Century positions on education reveal that it has violated it’s own charter and abandoned it’s historical achievements on behalf of access to quality education for Black Americans. In 1954, in Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that the “separate but equal doctrine” of the U.S. School system was unconstitutional. The court cited the psychological, sociological, and academic consequences of segregation based on ethnicity, deciding that Black Americans ought to have a right to place their children in the school of their choice. The NAACP, at that time, was the leading voice in the battle for school choice, even helping to create private schools for Black Americans. Times have changed. In 2011, the N.A.A.C.P. took a stance in direct opposition to Brown v. Board of Education by joining with teachers’ unions in a lawsuit which sought to prevent twenty charter schools from opening or expanding in buildings shared with traditional public schools. The impact of limiting school choice is that children are segregated all over again, usually by class. This disproportionately impacts Black children. Senator Tim Scott has Co-Sponsored an Education Act, which covers expanding school choice opportunities for children with disabilities, as well as those who live on military bases. Most of all, those whose families are suffering from economic despair. Black American children stand to gain the most by the success of this Act. Why is Reverend Barber silent in the face of his own organization working against access to quality education for Black Children? The unemployment rate for Black Americans is yet far higher than that of all other ethnic/cultural groups, as well as the nation as a whole. The national unemployment rate in December 2013 was allegedly 6.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the unemployment rate for Black Americans was 11.9 percent. The unemployment rate of Black teenagers is 373 percent above the national unemployment rate. Senator Tim Scott has worked diligently to help to try to reduce those unemployment rates. One of the ways he has sought to do so is by sponsoring the “Rising Tide Tax Reform Act,” which would lower corporate taxes to 23% and allow for permanent repatriation of foreign earnings back into the U.S. That would mean that more Black Americans would have access to job opportunities, as more large corporations are able to afford to reinvest earning made overseas back here in the U.S. Senator Tim Scott has also been a driving force behind the “Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills Act”, which is intended to assist low-income workers, individuals with disabilities who are in the job market, and at-risk youth. It emphasizes job training and streamlining services. The NAACP has failed to support any of these efforts to improve the educational and economic opportunities of Americans in general, but of Black Americans in particular. The NAACP, furthermore, has consistently opposed legislation that is designed to create a business climate which would benefit Black Americans , which includes Repeal of the Davis Bacon Act, which continues to discriminate against Blacks (and Hispanics) in construction industries. The Davis Bacon Act was passed in 1931 to keep Blacks from competing against White only Construction unions for jobs that were funded by the Federal Government. This Act continues to be enforced today, with the same discriminatory intentions and results. Rev. Barber and the NAACP supports the Davis Bacon Act. Finally, I have met Senator Tim Scott personally. We are from the same neck of the woods in Charleston, SC. While I only met him just a few years ago, I have had the privilege of spending quality time in conversation with Sen. Tim Scott at functions we both have been on a occasions. I know his personal testimony. It is one of redemption, restoration and victory. Senator Scott did not have it easy growing up. In fact, all the odds where against him. Yet, he overcame. Senator Scott’s life represents everything Rev. Barber claims to believe about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the great commission is about. The Word of God says that God despises when we, as Christians, bear false witness against our brethen and sow seeds of discord among the body of Christ (Proverbs 6:19) That this so called Rev. personally, falsely, and publicly attacked Senator Tim Scott, for political purposes, says that this Rev.. is not only out of touch with reality, but it also reveals that he clearly has no meaningful relationship to God.

Excellent assessment

Pam2020 is absolutely right in her assessment of Senator Scott. He is a role model for all people. I encourage the DA to publish Pam2020's comment in the paper with her permission.

looks like

This guy eats well! Does he have a job or is he from the same mold as Jesse Jackson; feeding off the people who think he is helping them with his racism?

Same as JJ

You have correctly discerned that Barber has modeled himself after Jesse Jackson. He, like Jackson, also knows that stirring hate and discontent is key to sustaining his standard of living. Inciting his mindless and racist rhetoric to his non-discerning and lesser educated listeners perpetuates his existance.

This guy........

should be the poster child for racism. He does nothing to mend race relations and seeks only to instill hatred and unrest amongst those of color to justify his own existence.

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