Barber: Resist voter suppression

By Reggie Ponder

The Daily Advance

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The head of the state NAACP told a gathering in Elizabeth City Saturday night that one important reason to vote this year is to fight back against efforts to suppress voter turnout.

“We will not stand for any attempt to intimidate our vote,” the Rev. William Barber II, president of the N.C. State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said during his speech at a Get Out the Vote rally at New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church on Third Street.

Where there is any attempt to intimidate voters, the NAACP will challenge it “with every moral and legal tool that we have,” Barber said. “We’ve come too far to turn back now.”

Much of the crowd at Saturday’s was clad in yellow T-shirts featuring the message, “If we ever needed to vote ... we sure need to vote now.”

Rob Stephens of the state NAACP office said some groups are targeting minority voting precincts and will be trying to intimidate voters at those precincts. Stevens urged people to turn out at those precincts and simply stand there in the yellow T-shirts.

“We are going to intimidate the intimidators,” Stevens said.

There were about 50 people at the rally, and more than a third were students from Elizabeth City State University.

Montravias King, president of the Elizabeth City State University chapter of the NAACP, encouraged the ECSU students who were at the rally to attend the “Vikings to the Polls” rally at the campus promenade on Nov. 6. The event will begin at 3 p.m. The Rev. Curtis Gatewoood will speak, and a march to the K.E. White Center to vote will follow the rally.

Asked afterwards about the level of enthusiasm for voting this year among ECSU students, King said debate watch parties, candidate forums and other election events have been well-attended.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm on the campus,” King said.

During his message at the rally, Barber talked about his struggle several years ago with a life-threatening illness, relating that battle to the battle for voting rights.

“I’m a witness that if you fight back, God will fight with you,” Barber said. “If ever there has been a time that we need to say we are not going to be defeated in our politics or in any area of our lives, that time is right now. If we ever needed to vote we sure do need to vote right now.”

Barber said the NAACP and its coalition partners defeated voter ID legislation in the state and “we stopped those who wanted to roll back same-day registration.”

In the wake of those victories, Barber said, “we need to vote.”

“This election is about the heart of this nation,” Barber said. “If the heart is in trouble, the whole nation is in trouble.”

Barber urged those at the rally to consider where candidates stand regarding the poor and those on the margins of society. He also encouraged people to ask where candidates stand on issues related to voting rights.

Pasquotank NAACP President Keith Rivers said the NAACP is looking for volunteers to drive voters to early voting.

“What we want to do this week is target taking people to the polls,” Rivers said. “It’s going to take a commitment from every single one of us. Take someone to the polls.”


Barber loves to hear himself talk......

Barber along with Keith Rivers like to make up lies so that they can go around and get on their high horse and preach to the people. No one has done any intimidation and nobody's voter rights have been tampered with. The NAACP is no longer used for the advancement of colored people but used as a tool to divide and to make up excuses even though all is equal. Stop pulling the race card and get out to vote because you're an American not because of race and not because of the color of your skin.

3 pm on Nov 6

What are Rivers and Barber planning to do, intimidate the people at the poles, so that they want vote. Have a large crowd of students standing around like a bunch of hoods, so other people want vote. They are getting by with it at the election office on the early vote. They are running around like a bunch of chickens with their head cut off. The rule is they must stay 50 ft from election pole and they sure aren't doing that. The state election board should be sent this story and if necessary send the national guard in so that everyone gets to vote. ECSU has done more to harm this area than anything else. It's time we name it UNC at Elizabeth City and clean out the radicals.

Promoting divisiveness.

The NAACP promotes divisiveness, because without it they wouldn't have a job.

People wonder about the

People wonder about the racial divide. It's perpetuated and fostered by people like Barber.

Amen to that!

He's a solution to a problem that does not exist.

A mountain out of whole cloth

This guy talks about voter intimidation but fails to give any examples. He doesn't identify any intimidators. What's up with that? Sounds like this ding dong is once again creating a problem so he can loud mouth his way into the newspaper. Guys like this ARE "the problem." By the way, what are the chances Keith Rivers' group would take me to the polls? Or you? Maybe we ought to find out. ;) What's that phone number?


Things must be a little slow down @ the NAACP headquarters these days, so voter intimidation claims are the best that they can dream up right now. Gee, and all this time I thought these guys had some really good imaginations. Bummer! I guess that's what happens when you stare at a big bright rainbow with Jesse and Al for too long.

Voter Intimidation

I thought all the voter intimidation was in Philadelphia with Black Panther Party members standing there with baseball bats. I wonder what Barber and Rivers would say about that? With those two they would say they were just lloking out for fraud.(Laugh) I am sorry but with all the fraud we need voter ID. I walked right into the early voting poll. and just said my name and address, all of which you can get off the internet, phone book, or public records. That door is a little to open for me on that front, and I think with all the fraud it devalues my vote with the fraud allowed because of no ID. I have to produce ID at the Bank, Grocery Store, Insurance office, DMV, and yes every Government Office you deal with. I ask what is so hard with a Photo ID, how is it discriminatory, why is it a problem to get one. I guess because you can't roll up to the Board of Elections with a busload of people and register them to vote and not have to pass some type of proof test to make it legitimate.

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