Republican party chair Pete Gilbert (right) challenges Montravias King (left) in front of the Pasquotank Board of Elections for King's right to run for office in the 4th ward, Tuesday,  August 13, 2013

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

Republican party chair Pete Gilbert (right) challenges Montravias King (left) in front of the Pasquotank Board of Elections for King's right to run for office in the 4th ward, Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Board: ECSU student cannot run

By Jon Hawley

Staff Writer

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The Republican-led Pasquotank County Board of Elections on Tuesday accepted a legal framework for disqualifying students living at Elizabeth City State University from voting in local elections.

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What other schools have done

What other schools have done something like this? Do you know if a similar situation happened at Northwestern State? Put broadly, do college students have any kind of history of weighing in on their school's leadership?

I agree with freespeaker. Why

I agree with freespeaker. Why should blacks be treated differently if all people are created equal. The NAACP needs to get over this race thing already.

Appeal will be denied.

The state BOE will deny the appeal of this ruling for the same reasons the local BOE upheld it.

It is interesting that Coast

It is interesting that Coast Guard personnel were mentioned in this article! It should be noted that although they move every 2-4 years, CG people can establish permanent residency through out of state driver's licenses and car registration, tax filing, and voter registration. Then, they vote by absentee ballot.

Home of record(where military vote by absentee)

is established by intent to return after military service and is substantiated by the items you mentioned.

Barrister Barnett is incorrect.

Military can only vote where they are stationed if that is their home of record established by a number of things including a mailing address, driver's license, past voting history, but most important, the intent to return after military service is complete. Most military members stationed in Elizabeth City vote through absentee ballots at their home of record address, not locally.

Double standard

The NAACP is saying that the rules and laws apply to everyone except blacks. Like justwandering, I too, am sick and tired of the NAACP trying to be above the law. Blacks ARE NOT A MINORITY anymore. Everyone else does not owe them anything. Their legacy and culture is one of hatred and contempt of everyone non-black. Everyone else has gotten over the slavery thing except them.

Whoa, there, freespeaker, you

Whoa, there, freespeaker, you got some big sweeping generalizations there you might want to examine more closely when you calm down. Actually, the NAACP's advocacy has ushered in some valuable and necessary changes in America. The long and brutal era of slavery was followed by generations of disenfranchisement and oppression of many black Americans. As for today not all blacks have a "legacy and culture of hatred and contempt of everyone non-black." During my life many black folks who have shown me kindness, loyalty, respect, and even love. So your epic generalization doesn't hold true for me. It's true that the black community has some white haters, and unfortunately the flames of that resentment are often fanned by some opportunistic black leaders. My problem with the NAACP today is that its focus seems too rooted on ghosts of the past instead of the dragons in the present. The NAACP needs to shift its energies to focus on problems that are deeply imbedded in the black community--too many single-mom homes with no biological father present in the child's life, a glamorization of the drug culture, a loss of hope, a general culture of despair, and an unfortunate tendency to dwell too much on the idea of victimization rather than opportunity.

Bottom line is.......

no one owes them squat! Time to get over it and go on with life.

Follow the rules

Apparently, Mr. King wants to flaunt or go around the rules laid out for everyone, regardless of political party. As pointed out in the article, no one is prohibiting him from establishing a local residence; it is interesting he 'forgot' his ID, which of course seems to be the next 'tactic' to prove voter suppression.


Since when is this a Republican or Democrat issue and not a law issue? I for one am sick and tired or the NAACP trying to be above the law every time they do not agree with it. There is enough corruption is Elizabeth City politics without these people's help. If Mr. King wants to be apart of the political seen; go "home" to Snow Hill and run. I am sure they would love to have you. I for one don't want you!

What this article failed to note is

that tax forms subpoenaed and provided by ECSU (albeit, after a phone call today) were hand delivered with a cover letter from an ECSU employee with the office of finance. These 1098-T tax forms for 2009,2010,2011,&2012 showed Mr. King's address as Snow Hill, NC. Note the IRS requires all tax related material and tax returns to show a person's "home" address. A technicality, because there was no affidavit attached with the forms, created an objection from Barnett and resulted in County Attorney MIke Cox advising the Board not to consider the tax forms provided. Mr. King originally advised that his Driver's license said he lived at 1704 Weeksville Road but information provided by him after lunch indicated that the information was updated within the last few days. Personally I encourage this matter to be appealed to the State Board of Election. This problem is the result of a State Board that in the past has tried to play the good guy, by ignoring the law and allowing students who live in temporary,secondary housing to have a choice whether to vote "at home" or "at school", a privilege other voters do not share. For instance a local business owner in Elizabeth City who lives in the county, does not have the right to use his business address to vote in Elizabeth City even though he is taxed by that the city and must adhere to regulations placed by City Council. It's time for Raleigh to have some skin in this game and give some direction on this issue. As for Mr. King's comment about Republicans not wanting students to vote, he is totally wrong. What Republicans want are for students to have to follow the same laws as other voters. Mail in Absentee and One stop exist for students who are away from home. And if Mr. King feels strongly about this, all he has to do is leave the dorms and rent an apartment in Elizabeth City. After all, he admitted today that he is residing at on Peartree Road until the dorms open this weekend. Betsy Meads

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