Board, lawmakers to discuss 4-2-1 plan


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Pasquotank County commissioners will meet with local lawmakers next week to discuss whether the “4-2-1” commission board restructuring plan should require a countywide vote.

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I will reinforce the Pasquotank Republican Party's position. We expect to our representatives to represent the people who put them in office. If it is the will of the people...ALL the people then the voters should have a say. We will not support any other position and we expect our representatives to stand up to these Keith Rivers schemes. It is obvious there is only one Commissioner who has the backbone to stand up to him. We will remedy that next election. Pete Gilbert


The DA states "Cook has already said he will sponsor whatever legislation Pasquotank commissioners ask of him". This is not what his office is saying. Senator Cook supports a voters referendum on this issue. I concur that this is more about moving the political power into EC. The city council style of bickering governance is not a pretty sight.


Fair consideration, Supporters of this bill have no interest in " fair consideration". Moving political power inside the city limits is the only consideration in play. Any qualified candidate can win in our county, unfortunately they very seldom run.Be very careful as EC politics may be headed our way.

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