Boy, 14, dies in Hertford accident

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HERTFORD — A 14-year-old boy died of injuries suffered when a car collided with a moped he was a passenger on Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

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I agree with free speaker and have spoken out before on this subject. Our police may have their hands full but when they see a moped on a road violating laws there is NO excuse for ignoring them.

Sad, sad, sad

To "live and learn" is only a dream. To take a chance and die is a reality. Agree with free speaker that these mopeds need to be off the "highways". If moped driver did in fact pull out into 50 mph traffic on us17, then he should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER. Feel sorry for the vehicle driver as she now has to live with that moment the rest of her life and in this sick and twisted legal system of ours will probably be sued by the families of the others involved.

This is.....

yet another unnecessary moped tragedy. Legislators are NOT moving fast enough to enact/update laws and restrictions governing moped use on streets, roads, and highways. Law enforcement is NOT enforcing laws already in place, but rather, blatantly ignoring and turning a blind eye to their unlawful antics. Mopeds should NOT be allowed to operate on ANY street, road, or highway with a speed limit above 35 mph, either posted or unposted. More and more mopeds are being modified by their owners to run more than the 35 mph restriction now in place. NONE carry any insurance. MOST do not obey any traffic laws. FEW, if any, are operated by individuals deemed worthy by the State of North Carolina to possess a valid motor vehicle operators license. Moped operators are required to ride and maintain their position on the extreme right hand lane of traffic, just as a bicycle does, yet all but a few observed do so and are most often in the center of the traffic lane and unpredictably weaving in that lane and cutting around motor vehicles. Comparatively, a moped is just an undersized and underpowered motorcycle, which, by the way, requires a special abilities test and certificate/license issued by the NC Dept.of Motor Vehicles to operate/ride. Why then, is this not a requirement for moped operators? How much longer is the safety of legally licensed and insured motor vehicle operators going to be put at risk and how many more moped related deaths have to occur before our lawmakers and law enforcers wake up?!!

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