Brooks to Olson: Act or be fired

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Resurrecting a cause he first took up two years ago, City Councilman Michael Brooks demanded this week that City Manager Rich Olson take action against Elizabeth City’s public utilities director or face termination himself.

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More bullying

Apparently, Mr. Brooks has never heard any of the anti-bullying programs put forth by our schools, churches and other 'social welfare' offices. His method of operation centers around verbal abuse, whether dealing with the City Manager or city employees. "Though not directly confirming the discussion Monday centered on Fredette, Brooks said an atmosphere of “intimidation” still exists in some city departments." Mr. Brooks seems to use intimidation quite frequently, himself.

It's amazing that City

It's amazing that City Council gets anything done - ever. Brooks is a negative human being - (how do I get the impression Mr. Brooks doesn't like white people??). I guess he's fine with his constituents - they keep voting for him. What a shame that council constantly has to deal with Brooks' racist attitude.

Stop looking back

Some of our council members are spending their time looking back instead of looking forward for the benefit of our community. Councilman Brooks clearly has an ax to grind with City Manager Olson. I wish Brooks would spend his energy working with other Council members to find solutions for the challenges facing our community. The Vision 2020 recommendations are a good indication of where the citizens of our community think we need leadership and direction. The time Olson and Mayor Peel spend defending themselves from these accusations and attacks have to take time from their attention to the real problems of the City. I have found Olson and Peel to be entirely professional and I believe we are lucky to have them in their respective areas of leadership.

Does anyone in the Wards

these idiots represent, understand they are not getting the representation they deserve. Brooks is not a disgrace to his race but to the human race as well. Does the communities he and his 2 new Jack-in-the-boxes "serve" have anyone with any brains to vote for?

Is this the best that blacks can offer?

Past articles have reported the lamenting of blacks that they do not have enough representation in both county and city leadership and that it is hard for blacks to get elected. WHY IS THAT? I think that the answer is glaring them straight in the face. What are you offering in the way of candidates? All that I have seen offered up for election thus far are racist, self-serving, backwards thinking, with an air of entitlement on every turn. Mr. Witherspoon is the sole exception to my statement. A fair, logical thinking, and progressive minded gentleman, he was without bias and wanted the best for the city and county and ALL of citizens living in the area. Field a black candidate of his stature and character and then I'll vote for a black person. Until then, political jerrymandering is your only hope.


Unfortunately, Mr Brook's actions & comments come as no surprise. He has used his time on City Council to further his own, warped agenda. He is always ranting & raving, but rarely has positive suggestions to help move our City forward. One of his major goals is to terminate our professional City Manager. His arguments have NO substance & he will use any excuse to target City Manager Olson. However, Councilmen King & Horton are both a huge disappointment. I had high hopes that the 4th ward would now have informed representation. Not so. Both men have made ill-informed statements at recent Council meetings. They have not done their homework. Fortunately Mr. Stimatz as been quick to set them straight. Based upon above reporting, now appears that Mr. King & Mr. Horton are now conspiring with Mr. Brooks in the effort to dismiss Mr. Olson. What a disgrace! They cannot make any kind of informed opinion, on such a serious issue, after less than 4 months on Council. Suggest they look to Mr. Stimatz - not Mr. Brooks - for guidance, if they are serious about really serving our City. That being said, I am confident that the other members of Council will see that our excellent City Manager is retained. And, censor Mr. Brooks for his ignorant comments about our Mayor & City Manager. BILL HIEMER

It is so amazing that almost

It is so amazing that almost anything that involves headlines with City Council, Brooks is in the mix. His one and only goal is to get rid of Mr. Olsen. Now I see he has picked up King, who after all his previous publicity, has been a disappointment. Thank you Mr. Olsen for putting up with all this crap. You are appreciated for all your work.

Brooks paranoid

To Brooks, anything outside of HIS way of thinking is a conspiracy or racism. This guy should be the poster child for the words racist, paranoia, & schizophrenia! Go ahead, censure him and remove him from City Council. No progress whatsoever will ever be made with him sitting on the council. DRS knew exactly what they had with him and they quickly and properly disposed of him. So what if it costs a lot for the city to oust him. It would be money well spent for the good of the citizens of EC.

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