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Bullet-proof vest, gun clip stolen from ALE car

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A local N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement agent was the victim of a larceny earlier this week when equipment that included a bullet-proof vest, handcuffs and a handgun magazine clip were stolen from his unmarked vehicle, the Pasquotank County sheriff said Friday.

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Locked or not....

entry will still be charged as "breaking and entering". If deputy Parker had a lapse of judgement and failed to lock the door he should be let off the hook. A crime of failing to lock a door is nothing to the clandestine neighborhood roamings of hooligans looking for things to steal. Lucky they didn't get shot! I have meet deputy Parker under a few different scenarios and no matter what side of the law I was on at the time he was the ultimate professional!

Entry mode?

The door handle is the first choice. Nothing was said about whether the vehicle was locked or had been forcefully entered, and with law enforcement personnel also being human, subject to the same shortcomings of civilians, my bet would be that perhaps he neglected to lock the vehicle.

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