Business supports MBA at ECSU

By Bob Montgomery

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City State University officials are hoping to land a master’s degree program in aviation management, and the program is getting support from the local business community.

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More MBAs is not what the workforce currently needs.

Why would you need an MBA to work in the aviation field? Seems like a very small market that they are trying to target. I honestly don’t think more MBAs is what the workforce currently needs. Now that being said, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at ECSU would make sense from a certain standpoint. The School of Business and Economics had the largest number of graduates of any program at ECSU according to the Statistical Abstract published by the University of North Carolina system so there are lots of students that might be potentially interested in a MBA program. The Bachelor of Science in Business Education (BSBA) degree at ECSU has earned accreditation by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) so the undergraduate program has demonstrated it is a quality program and follows national standards, so there is a program in place to feed the MBA program. I just don’t understand or see the need/demand for an aviation management focus. If you want an MBA in an Aviation-related field just enroll in one of Embry-Riddle's programs. They already have programs in Elizabeth City and have many more online. I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in this degree proposal going anywhere. Does anyone still remember the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program ECSU was pitching a few years ago? The same things were being said about it. It was proposed, sent to the University of North Carolina system for approval and nothing ever came of it. To my knowledge, no one ever published a reason why it wasn’t approved. My take is you don’t need an MBA to work on or fly an aircraft.

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