Butterfield defends ‘fourth-poorest’ district remark

By Reggie Ponder

Chowan Herald

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MERRY HILL — U.S. Rep. G. K. Butterfield said this week the reason he regularly mentions that North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District is the nation’s fourth poorest is to underscore the work that needs to be done to change that.

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Obamacare doesn't work

"As success stories start to roll in about people who now have health coverage they didn’t previously have, public perception of Obamacare will become much more positive, Butterfield said." Well I had Health Care before Obamacare and I've signed up for my NEW policy under Obommacare but the system is so screwed up I DO NOT have coverage at this time even though I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get it straightened out. I'm sure I am not the only one. Thanks for nothing !!!!!!

An does he

And does he understand he is the number 1 poorest representative in the nation? Nothing more than a pawn for Obama. Does he understand that not many people is his district have any incentive to work? There vote has been bought by the Dems. SOSN (SAVE OUR STATE AND NATION)!! Vote him and those like him out!!

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