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Camden noncommittal on COA funding request

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — College of The Albemarle has asked Camden County to increase its annual contribution to the college by $10,000 next year, but Camden commissioners seemed noncommittal during a meeting last week.

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Per Student

enrolled from Camden they paid $71.19 each. Perquimans paid 42.07 each for thier students. Gates had the best deal, $20.20 per Gate's student enrolled. My question is how much is Pasquotank paying per their students enrolled? and not for GEDs?

I am all for

Camden paying their fair share. But it appears to me they pay far more and do not have a COA presence in their county. Why is it that Perq. and Gates pay so much less. Didn't Ms. Deitemeyer just recently had a nice $35K raise? She gets way over a $125K plus all the other benefits ie: house, car, etc. Also if someone cares to do the research in all of these publically available records you may be surprised at many ways your tax dollars are spent at COA. I personally think it sad that because Camden has spent their citizens tax dollars wisely and saved for a rainy day, someone is always coming with their hand out wanting more and more. Camden County having three new fire stations should have their own EMS service. For years Pasq- Camden EMS was volunteer and I believe they still use some. Camden is growing they should think of cutting loose as much as possible from Pasquotank County. Several years ago they started their own Parks and Rec dept. and it is doing great and it would interesting to see how many county residents make use of it as compared to the number of county participants who made use of the previous jointed rec. dept with EC and Pasq. One last thought, the idea is nuts to think Camden should pay more because some county residents are employed there. You don't want to go there because you could take it further say Regional Jail, EMS, 911, etc. BTW that does that dollar amount include the large number of GED or welfare assisted students.

It seems

It seems that Renshaw and a few other narrow-minded commissioners think that Camden is exempt from operational cost increases for the services they receive outside of their county. They've been babbling for several years about creating their own EMT and ambulance servive, yet no action has been taken. Methinks the stark reality of actual start-up and operational costs has struck them squarely in the nads. They don't want to contribute their fair share of COA support money either. A simple fix. Pro-rate tuition for Camden students attending COA. That should cover the needed shortfall and also get their attention.

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