Camden school grant officer resigns; missing equipment probed

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — A recreation grant manager for the Camden County Schools has resigned, and officials are investigating a complaint that some of the program’s equipment may be missing.

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Mind your own business

IF the truth be known almost everyone of us could of had a DWI at one point or another in our life. What does getting a DWI have to do with how you perform your job? He was probably a very good and dedicated worker. He coached my daughter in softball and she loved him and he helped her tremendously. Why don't you people just try to clean up your own back yard and get out of someone else's!

A trail of DWI's and a trail of unethical behavior

He did the same thing in Virginia before coming to North Carolina. He was the head football coach at Pasquotank High School for one year then suddenly resigned from coaching and teaching. Basically, he was asked to resign or be fired. But why? If the Daily Advance was to ask a little more questions they would find out why he was asked to resign. But the question still remains why was he given the reigns of a multimillion dollar grant? Who made this bad judgement call and were there other more qualified persons that interviewed for the job? I am sure that there were other qualified applicants that interviewed and probably didn't have the amount of DWI's as he does. They probably all had a valid drivers license too. The Sheriff needs to investigate the hiring process of this man and if everything was done legally.


whoever hired this guy needs to be fired. Makes no sense to hire someone who can't pay fines and writes worthless checks to administer 1.6 million. Shows an extreme lack of good judgment. Or nepotism. Seems to me, there needs to be an inquiry as to why he got the job.


That's very true! Plus, it appears the school might not really needed his high paying position anyway.

Why is this a surprise to

Why is this a surprise to anyone! you knew his background when he was hired! Sad part is that he makes more than our teachers!

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