Can city build black middle class?

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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A high school diploma once could unlock the door to the middle class, according to community leaders in Elizabeth City.

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A National Issue or the City Manager's Fault ???

Are we having a conversation about a national issue, or are we blaming the City Manager for something he cannot control ? The nation's manufacturing base created the middle class, we have been losing that manufacturing base steadily since the 1970's. Well, Elizabeth City Leaders welcome to the National Economy. One of the largest factors in the local Economic development of an area could be a good local University. Based on some of the quotes from this article by some of the upper-classmen and graduates of that university, the school is missing a big part of it's mission. OK you so-called leaders, either find a positive way to help this city or do us all a favor and retire form politics.

Are you inferring we do not

Are you inferring we do not have one now? If you are, then it is obvious to me that you are unable to recognize one. "We see only what we want to see".

To paraphrase another Democrat

"Ask not what your CITY can do you, but what you can do for your CITY."


Freespeaker talking about the NAACP? Good job!!!!


You are so perceptive.

This article

It is not the city manager's job to build the middle class or any other class for that matter. His job is to run the city operations, which he does exceedingly well. This article seems to lay all of our region's economic issues on the city manager of Elizabeth City. Please find another place to put it.

It's not the City's responsibility

It's not the City's nor the County's responsibility to build up the middle class for blacks or any other race. When is the black race going to accept responsibility and accountability for their own selves???? God has given them the same thing as He has everyone else.....This whole great big world to make a living in. What they choose to do with their lives is entirely up to them. Sooooooooo sick of the pity party rhetoric. Just keep on supporting your hate mongering "activists" so they can keep THEIR high standard of living, laughing all the way to the bank with their "support" money sent from their "downtrodden" brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the successful blacks in this nation haven't achieved success by sitting on their duffs. Here's a hint- Stop drowning in your own self pity and ignorance, stop listening to your hate inducing activists, start thinking for yourselves, accept responsibility, and get off your a** and start making something of yourselves. The equality and respect you seek only comes though hard work and higher education. Both are EARNED, not given.

Many people of the Black Race

Many people of the Black Race are maintaining a middle class living style right here in E. City. Why do some folks choose to ignore this fact?

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