Intersection of Halstead Ext. and Tanglewood Parkway, Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

Intersection of Halstead Ext. and Tanglewood Parkway, Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Change eyed at busy EC junction

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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After at least 70 accidents in five years, state transportation officials are making some changes at the busy intersection of Halstead Boulevard Extended and Tanglewood Parkway to reduce the chance of collisions.

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Not the right call!

People heading east on Halstead should have a RED light so they will know that west bound traffic has the right of way whether west bound is turning into Walmart or going straight. A yellow flashing light will just tell the morons to hurry up and take your chance.

I believe you are absolutely

I believe you are absolutely correct. We have a similar situation on Pear Tree Road. Driving south on Pear Tree Road from Four Forks Road you arrive at the intersection of Halsted Blvd. If you wish to make a left turn onto Halsted Blvd. and the light on Pear Tree Road is green, you will see a flashing yellow left-turn light. If a vehicle is setting directly across Halsted Blvd, on Pear Tree Road heading north waiting in the left turn lane, the driver on Pear Tree Road heading south cannot see a vehicle approaching the intersection on the Pear Tree thru lane due to the rise in the roadway. This intersection should show a RED light for traffic on Pear Tree Road driving north in the above situation. Vehicles driving south on Pear Tree Road, in the above situation, should see a GREEN direction arrow for a left turn. The present situation has created a dangerous intersection that is going to cause a fatal accident in my opinion.

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