Charter school applications not on website

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Neither of two proposed area STEM charter schools currently have applications filed with the N.C. Department of Instruction, even though the deadline for submissions was Dec. 6.

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We all know the reason why ECPPS is underperforming

Lack of Discipline, lack of parental support, educational programs implemented to ECPPS that don't work, lack of consistent discipline from the principals, catering to students that misbehave or under achieve while those that want to succeed are ignored. I hope the STEM Charter School is successful so that the children that want to succeed will have a school they can go to and don't have to consistently listen to the teacher discipline those students that are at school to disrupt and not learn. You know the ones, the ones that go to get the free breakfast, free lunch and a place to hang out all day. The community needs to look at the scores of all the students and reward those that are succeeding and staying out of trouble. It's about time that this community rewards those students that want to succeed and excel in life. That seems to be the problem with our society; we reward those that don't work and don't do well in school and penalize those that work and try to succeed and go that extra mile. Good luck Mayor Peel and all those involved in trying to bring the Charter School to Elizabeth City.

Public Charter School

The Pasquotank STEM is had one word left out in the story, "public". Our tax money will be used to support this school and has the potential to be a much better investment than say NHS. The school should require AP classes for all the students enrolled. It is interesting how the paper work was lost. hmmm

Hurrrmm . . .

Looks like someone forgot to hit enter. It's not a confusing mess at all. I found this page with-in two pages from starting the search: Hopefully they will work with Peel on the application. We need this advanced school to help stop our regional slump.

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