City also eyeing water rate hike

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Besides increases next year to the property tax rate and solid waste fee, Elizabeth City officials also are considering raising residential water and sewer rates.

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Thank you "tstimatz." That person is very opinionated!!

Corrupt "Facts" Not Corruption

The water treatment and sewer treatment department are one single enterprise fund. As clearly stated in the article this fund is self sufficient.

If you think the law is being broken and corruption is rife you need to talk to the DA and the States Attorney General and not put out spurious, defamatory and false information under the guise of "informing the public".

But then again you hide behind a false name.

How can they get away with this?

While the water dept. is self-sustaining, the sewer dept. IS NOT! By law, all municipal utilities are required to be self-sustaining. With the city supplementing the sewer dept. with general funding, they are breaking the law. Additionally, profits from the electrical dept. are regularly rolled over into the general fund, which means that customers without city water and sewer services, are having to fund a service that they get no benefit from. How fair is this and how can the city get away with this? Just another long-standing tidbit of City of Elizabeth City corruption that goes unchecked and unaccountable for.

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