City, county look to revamp community diversity panel


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Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County officials are working to revamp a joint city-county board that one city councilor said has done a good job celebrating the community’s diversity despite receiving little funding or direction from the two governments.

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How about representation from

the gay and lesbian community or atheists and Wiccans, or handicapped? Are we discriminating by omitting these groups? How about the poor and destitute? Are members compensated for their time? How about Jewish, Muslim or other religions, less locally popular? Are our military veterans represented? Both active duty and retired? After all, fair is fair.

" will now have four black

" will now have four black members, four white members and four members of other nationalities. In addition, six of the members must be women and must be men. " What the heck does that mean? 4 whites, 4 blacks and 4 other nationalities??? Is white a nationality? Or black? ... 6 of the members must be women and must be men??? Transgender? ...

I hope they are

I hope they are all Americans. It would be nice for the board to be made up of different ethnicities. Pretty funny, good catch.

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