City, county OK $365K for shopping center project

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County will spend $365,000 on roadwork necessary to open a new shopping center on Halstead Boulevard Extended despite public criticism the project is eating up precious taxpayer dollars.

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How long

will it take for EC down town to employ 250 people. and Spend 28 million. Zack is in a dream world and wants tax payers to keep dishing out to him and his group, that have done very little to improve the city. They have their hand held out.


from this article is George Hague's statement that the majority of the small businesses and taxpayers that he talked to have mixed feelings but support the infrastructure improvement to expand our economic base. He also proposed modification to the agreement that in exchange for the monetary incentive that a clause be added for the contractor to buy material and hire locally whenever possible. He also told the commissioners that it is time for a small business program for companies seeking to expand and hire additional employees.

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