City eyes limits on gravesite decorations at cemeteries

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Does the city of Elizabeth City have the legal right to forbid certain gravesite decorations at city cemeteries?

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Oh for heavens sake, please let the living

decorate the deceased graves. The truth is, in years to come those who want something maintained can MAINTAIN it themselves if it isn't being done to suit them. Jesus really won't care either way. And if they want to decorate it with a Koran, I support them in that.

Here's the dealio

Purchasing a cemetery plot DOES NOT give you the right to "express" your feelings or display anything. You purchase a plot or group of plots. You sign an agreement so that you and/or family members can be interred (buried) with the understanding that the grave site will be maintained in accordance with the cemetery owner(s) practices and policies. Certain cemeteries limit grave site identification to flat foot stones only and do not allow monuments or standing headstones. Some allow only fresh flowers to be placed on the graves. Some only artificial. The limitations go on and on. But, I digress. The bottom line is that, yes, you do purchase the plot, but, no, you do not solely own it. You purchase the plot and relinquish the upkeep and care responsibilities to the owner of the cemetery by mutual agreement. Realistically, a hundred years from now, no one will really care. Just look at all the old family plots scattered around. Some are still well maintained. Some are run down. Some have been "rediscovered" and brought back to their former original glory. Some have been abandoned and allowed to grow back into wood and brush plots. Some have even been desecrated and plowed up, markers and identities lost forever. So, for those "offended" by the restrictions allowed, just consider yourselves lucky to have anyone at all maintaining your loved ones grave site and deal with it. I guarantee that you won't hear any complaints coming from those buried there!

I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your analysis and your comment.

the problem

with that is you can run into many issues with family and expressions...espcially religious expressions.

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