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City seeks $117K for shipyard area cleanup

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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City officials are seeking $117,000 in state funds to clean up two shipyard properties and improve boat access on the city’s waterfront.

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I think some of you have the wrong property. This the old brick building and metal building next to the shipyard, known as EC Boatworks. I thought the price was low for clean up so took at look at tax records. To clean up the shipyard property I think will be over 2 million dollars. City is not buying the shipyard, don't get your hopes up.

Well you just burst my balloon.

Good to get the Boatworks but I am hoping for the shipyard too, one day soon.

You are correct

You are correct, I was thinking it was both the shipyard and the boat shacks/shanty. Sounds kind of a high price for that, I dont think there is really much land there, most is on stilts? However, location, location, location . . that eyesore needs cleaning. It does make it tough launching boats but big boats can't launch at Waterfront park anyway due to ramp length. The best place for a marina would be over near the sewage treatment plant as protection from the winds but the high cost of removing all of the underwater pilings would be high and who wants to be next to a sewage treatmentplant?

I am kind of glad to hear it's not the shipyard. I still have hopes that someone will take over and run it like a proper business. After all it's over 150 years old with roots in the very core of our cities' existence.

The jewel in the rough.

I don’t deny that “good ole boy” politics is not thriving here but, where is it not?

I am comfortable believing the cost of cleanup will be sizeable. However, if ECity wants to improve and really be a tourist destination, they have got to develop the waterfront. I don’t think the importance and value of this harbor is truly understood. It needs to be developed so that it is inviting to boaters and tourists on foot.

At some point this property is going to be too expensive to sit on so the owners will negotiate…or they will be cutting their fortunes just for spite. I have to believe they are too smart for that. In the long run ECity will benefit in acquiring this property even if it is a little expensive to obtain.

What about Fun Junktion lake trail?

How about repairing what we already have first?

Has anyone been able to walk all the way around the lake on the paved trail at Fun Junktion in the past five years?

I don't care whether the "upper" part of the trail is repaved. I do care that it should at least be graded and graveled to make it walkable and useable for bicycles again. This is a simple fix that continues to go unfixed.

I used to go there frequently to walk, now I don't. There was something satisfying about completing entire circuits of the lake that you just can't get from doubling back.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Talk about "good old boys" politics!

It sure pays to have your local politics in line! The city and us taxpayers are going to pay to have Griffin's EPA disaster area cleaned up??? And, to add insult to injury, the city is going to BUY the property from them!!!!! Had this property been owned by anyone else, the city, county, state, and federal entities would have all over the owners like stink on s**t about cleaning it up themselves and paying out the a** all kinds of fees and penalties. I guess this is just another situation of where "rank has it's privileges". Yes, dirty politics is alive and well, especially in Pasquotank County!


You have a valid point/concern, especially when it comes to good olboy politics / corruption in the local area has always centered around land deals. Where I disagree with you on is that for $260,157 the city is getting a steal on the land for that much waterfront property. To me it doesn't look like a good old boy deal. That and I've never heard of the Griffin's name coming up in connection to any of the corrupt deals. You're directly implying that because Loyyd Griffin has been active in the local government and a good citizen from volunteer work is somehow corrupt is wrong. Thank God, the common names for corrupt land deals are no longer in politics. The Griffins/Hadley knew the risks of taking over an old shipyard, I believe this was the location they were building WW2 Navy ships, so we the people will be taking over that risk. God only knows the toxicity of the land there (lead, mercury ect) . The clean up costs might be even larger than the land. I wish there were solid end plans for the property, otherwise this could just be a tax payers clean-up, property sell back to developers land deal.


No debate on the price of the land. The cleanup costs is going to be the BIG Ticket. The city should at least have a HAZMAT assessment done prior to committing to buy. Theoretically, if the area is a "worst case" scenario, it could cost many, many millions to clean up (at the city taxpayers expense). Believe me, the Griffins KNOW what they're selling. Had it been unpolluted and marketable to developers in the first place, there would already be Waterfront Condos and Townhouses there. As the saying goes, "If it sounds like it's too good to be true, then it is". The city should step away from this deal. FAR AWAY!

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