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John Beardsley, a home brewer in Elizabeth City, will teach the first series of courses in which students will learn about home brewing techniques.
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John Beardsley, a home brewer in Elizabeth City, will teach the first series of courses in which students will learn about home brewing techniques.

COA to offer beer courses

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Students seeking to learn about the craft beverage industry can now enroll for College of The Albemarle’s first-ever series of courses about beer.

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I am surprised that this

I am surprised that this article did not mention the fine local brewery, meat market and restaurant we have operating currently close by in Jarvisburg; The Weeping Radish.

Weeping Radish is nothing but a tourist trap

Weeping Radish used to be good back when it was in Manteo. It's a shell of what it used to be. Want an example, $9 for a pretzel hotdog!


Wrong product from Buffalo City, NC. The product they produce was white and very strong. Use to bring it to EC on boats. Scrap metal on top and 5 gallon jugs in wooden crates in hull.

Yeah, it was called 'white

Yeah, it was called 'white lightning'; it is still is available. Just make sure you know how to test it; the good stuff is great, the bad stuff will kill you!

moonshine capital of NC

Sure, it was the moonshine capital of NC during prohibition. Still makes for good marketing and potential product expansion. I know my local history. ;-) If anyone is wondering what we are taking about watch this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xf-A8PcRKmk

If you know your local

If you know your local history you surely must know that the production and sale of Moonshine Likker here in NC did not cease to exist after Prohibition.

What type of reply is that?

Argumentative Cuss. Sure you can still get moonshine here. It was/is about avoiding paying tax. WOW! It never was any where near the production that was coming out from Buffalo City. That was a small city reduced to moonshining. However most of what is currently not legal (very little) is coming in from Virginia. The local stills stoped working long time ago with the bust of the guy up near Morgan's Corner back in the 80s. Although there was some guy back in early 90s busted near South Mills. That is around 20 years ago.

The best news article in a long time

I'm going to make a strong IPA and call it "Carolina swamp juice" from the resurrected Buffalo City, NC brewing company. Ha! This could be a strong pastime here, not too sure it would catch on as there is no way to sell beer cheaper than Bush Light or malt liquor.

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