Costs for Church Street fix to rise


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Elizabeth City officials are preparing to spend an extra $320,000 on resurfacing 3,500 feet of Church Street, repairing the thoroughfare at the expense of fixing lower priority roads.

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I'm thinking about having a

I'm thinking about having a poll to see how long it will be before they tear into anything new that they pave. I think it was about two weeks the last time they paved Church Street.

What Church Street needs

What Church Street needs is a solid road bed that doesn't settle as it has time and time again over the years. Most of Elizabeth City outside of Main Street is built on lower (borderline swamp)land, filled in with whatever was available at the time, and then built on. It's senseless to keep piling layer after layer of asphalt on top of a sub-standard road bed without properly preparing it to last. After many years of patching patches and piling multiple layers on sinking and settling layers, Elizabeth Street is finally getting the road bed base needed to last. This is the very same process needed to properly stabilize Church Street.

Great job

The resurfacing of Cedar Street turned out excellent. The job done on this street could not have been any better! The street is now level and for the first time in many years I can back out of a driveway without dragging the rear of my car. The center was so high from many years of patching the surface that it sloped down and then up in the center. Finally my tax dollars have given me something back that directly benefits me! Job well done.

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