Council ‘vehemently opposed’ to ECSU closure

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City City Council went on record Monday as “vehemently opposed” to any legislative steps toward closing Elizabeth City State University.

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Thanks For Senator Cook!

I truly believe that if Stan White from DARE county (Marc Basnight's home) had of been our Senator, the outcome would have been different. The Republicans hold the power now and it is not going to change anytime soon thanks to redistricting. We need more local Republicans in office in Pasquotank county!!

Yea Gerrymandering!

Yea Gerrymandering! Let's keep a guy in office who is clearly not in anyway connected to our local area's needs just because he is a Republican. I would much rather have a guy like Peel in office who is qualified, concerned and hard working than just some bloke who's political party is in control.

Hey, George

What was it called when the Democrats were in control? Oh, my bad! We called it RECESSION, didn't we?

Hey Freespeaker

You're comparing a national recession that started in October 2007 under a Republican controled administration that both political parties are to blame for due to massive failures and greed under the SEC, banking regulation and consumer protection laws to local politics? Come on, what is wrong with you? Stay on topic. If you want argue Gerrymandering, that would be great because it's wrong on any politcal party. Your defending Cook like he is the greatest, meanwhile he is not doing the same for you. Take Steinberg for a great example. People can dislike his stances but no one can question if he is working hard, cares, trying to represent us (even when he disagrees) or fails to understand what are vital resourses to the local area.

No, George

YOU are comparing it to a national recession. My statement referred to North Carolina. Furthermore, I was not "defending" Cook. You're putting words in my mouth that I haven't said. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Dems are taking it so hard that they're not in control anymore. Just because voters in North Carolina got their act together and voted in candidates (both new and incumbents)that could actually function, work together, and turn things around for this state, the Republican Party has come under all kinds or hellfire and damnation from dyed in the wool Democrats. I'm not saying that all that the Republican governor and controlled house is doing everything right, but they're doing a LOT more right than their predecessors were. Geez Louise, what a bunch of sore losers!

Is this hypocrisey

for the 3 amigos? They wouldn't support a resolution to support STEM schools since the city wasn't involved in the funding. How much funding does the city provide ECSU? Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to see the vote unanimous, but would like to see the Council more consistent.

The biggest problen their argument

The biggest problem with their argument is if they want to truely support ECSU they need to raise academic standards in the public schools. This would allow the college to raise their acedemic standards.

I agree!

Not only is it hypocrisy, it also PROVES that these 3 are not truly representing nor acting in the best interest of the people. I would also go as far as to suggest that their actions are borderline racist.

Councilors unanimously passed a resolution of support for ECSU

Hopefully the Board of Trustees and chancellor will pass their own resolution of support for Elizabeth City State University.


Joe Peel has been an extraordinary Mayor. This ECSU situation is another example of his professional, timely & effective leadership. Thank-you, Mr. Mayor for all you do for all the citizens of Elizabeth City. Bill Hiemer

Hear hear! Peel has been

Hear hear! Peel has been great!

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