Council may expand conflict-of-interest rules to all city workers

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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City Council is moving to forbid all city employees — not just those with top jobs — from having conflicts of interest when carrying out their public duties.

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Need kick out the two clowns, that are prompting him. Walton and Rivers. It took me a while to see who Brooks was addressing. He turns chair and looks out at Walton and Rivers for directions.

Here he goes again

Brooks (aka Mr. Conspiracy) is once again too stupid to understand plain language, much less any legal terminology. His real need is to put his brain in action instead of his mouth. How much longer will it take for the City Council, Mayor, and City Manger to tell him to just shut up and get out? His uncooperative attitude and bad-mouthing of anything and everything that comes up in council meetings just shoves the city deeper and deeper into total collapse.

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