Council overrules Olson on cop hours


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Elizabeth City City Council postponed a planned cut to police officers’ hours Monday, overruling a major cost-saving move by City Manager Rich Olson and police Chief Eddie Buffaloe Jr.

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These unbudgeted hours for our Police officers, resulting in the $200000 "June Surprise" needed to be addressed. These "extra" hours have, apparently, been in the system - but not in the budget - for many years. Not appropriate. Kudos for City Manager Olson & Chief Buffaloe for addressing. However, City Council voting to delay - and possible avoid - any hour/pay cuts for our officers is very welcome. We have an exceptional new Police Chief, and many dedicated officers who, by most accounts are doing great work. Hopefully the additional $$$ can be found for this FY, and will be included in future budgets, so we can continue our excellent police protection while ensuring a more accurate budget. For sure the bad actors in and around EC are not reducing their resources this FY. Bill Hiemer

If they've been budgeting for

If they've been budgeting for 80hours, but working 84hours for several years - there must have been a shortfall in that line item every year. This year's "surprise" really wasn't a "surprise" - as I've mentioned before, printouts are produced monthly which would have shown that there would be a shortfall.


Sparatus - I have read your previous posts on this issue, and expect you are correct. Apparently patrol officers have been working 84 hrs since 2000, and it became the new "normal". There were "small" overruns in 11 of the past 14 years, but the budget discrepancy was, for whatever reason, not corrected. However, Interim Police Chief Manley moved all officers to 84 hrs in 2012, thus the $200000 overrun which is now, fortunately, being addressed. As you indicate, this should not have been a surprise to our City officials, but it was to me when the # was reported in late June/early July. I addressed City Council on this subject on 14 JULY and suggested that while this "June Surprise" would, hopefully, never be repeated, it was my opinion the $$$ were well spent. I support City Council's decision MON evening and am very pleased this issue is finally being addressed. Bill Hiemer

Try Since the 1996 and beyond

This issue of an 84 hour work week was addressed back in 1996-1997 if I remember correctly as officers were then working the same 12 hour shifts, weekend on/weekend off like they are currently. I can guarantee you if you all look back you will see where the City had to pay several people large amounts of money for the overtime that was accrued during that time of the additional 4 hours. I'm just saying, nothing new with this revelation, just ask some of the "ole timers".


Wow - That pre-dates Rich Olson ...glad it is finally being addressed! Thanks! Bill Hiemer

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