Council to rely on League, School of Gov’t for probe


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Changing course from its stance last week, Elizabeth City City Council agreed Monday to rely on the NC League of Municipalities and the University of North Carolina School of Government to suggest outside investigators for a probe of the mayor and city manager.

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Both make good points

sparatus is point on about Brooks poorly representing his ward and the citizens of EC and avnrulz is correct about the "witch hunt". The time city council spends bickering and infighting could be more productively spent in trying to improve the economic outlook and future of EC. Personal agendas have got to go! City Council members were elected to serve the citizens, not themselves!

Why does the NAACP always get

Why does the NAACP always get involved? What does this have to do with them? Oh, that's right Councilman Brooks is spearheading this fiasco. Brooks has a way of making every single point of contention a racial issue. He is not acting in the best interest of the citizens he so poorly represents.


This 'witch hunt' has got to stop. The City Council needs to pull their collective heads out of their collective 'Fourth Point of Contact' and take a look at what's going on over in Currituck County, at the Regional Aviation Training Center, and figure out why Maple can get something like that up and running and our Mayor and City Manager are being threatened with 'being run out of town on a rail' by short-sighted idiots for a similar program.

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