Council will soon livestream meetings

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Following numerous complaints from residents and city councilors, the city is moving to broadcast and livestream city council meetings in high-definition, digital video.

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Watched last session

I went to the city web site and watched the last session in it's entirety. All I can say is that the members of council have a lot of patience. I am certain that most must grind their teeth down during those sessions. Johnnie Walton I am sorry but you just are not as smart as you seem to think you are. You went on about the robotics for instance and I am sure every member of council was very aware of what robotics are. Then about two-thirds through you start talking about the basketball court again, then right back to the robotics. It is an awesome opportunity for the students to learn in a college atmosphere. Many advanced students take college courses after all and it will better prepare them for their college careers. Then you falsely accuse the mayor and city council of sending 3 men to the university town hall meeting like it was an underhanded move. The mayor cleared that up by stating none of those you mentioned were interested in going. If you are going to speak I suggest you know your subject and facts in full prior to those accusations. I also was impressed with the attorney calling out Michael Brooks on his making accusations he could not prove and clarified they were unfounded opinions without factual findings. And then the ending with Michael Brooks speech. I have read extensive articles about some if his antics, but to witness him in action was interesting. I could throw some scripture back at him, but it isn't worth my time. However, using scripture for personal attacks and public display might be something he should think about. In a word...Publican.... All in all my opinion of the mayor and city manager went up a notch. I found the meeting quite interesting and feel the majority of council are well versed and truly interested in serving the city.


Mr. Olson & Ms. White - Thank-you, very much, for listening to, and moving to correct, issues with the current audio-video set-up for City Council meetings. Your proposed solution sounds great - inexpensive & (hopefully) effective! For some of us with older ears, the audio has been difficult to follow on some Monday evenings. On the plus side, the videos now available on the City website are fantastic & allow for "instant replay" if something is missed @ the live session. The more E.C. residents follow Council meetings - either live or on video - the more demand we will have for top notch representation. Our City is very fortunate to have people of your caliber, who listen & react to our concerns! Thanks for all you do! Bill Hiemer

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