Counties seek fewer hours for early voting

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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About a third of the counties in North Carolina, including four in the region, are asking to offer only a few extra hours of early voting following new reforms that trim seven days off the one-stop voting period.

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What is good for one is not neccessarily good for

another county. Even our neighboring counties have different needs than our own. The variances were put into place so that counties could adjust their schedule as needed. Our local counties only have one or two staff members which would make it impossible to cram 40 extra hours of work into a week and a half period, and the turnout and number of voters does not justify the expense of an additional one stop site. Each election is different. The only hotly contested seat in the May Primary now scheduled for a statewide ballot is the Republican Senate seat of Hagan, and unless a community has a contested local race, this May primary will have a low voter turnout based on previous primaries. Reducing the one stop calendar will have little or no effect on voter turnout or voter participation. After all, Virginia votes on Election Day only and they have a larger voter turnout than North Carolina.

I didn't believe him

I didn't believe him when he said it and now I've been proven right. McCrory said, “First of all, we didn’t shorten early voting, we compacted the calendar. ... We’re going to have the same hours in which polls are open in early voting, and we’re going to have more polls available. So (the early voting period’s) going to be almost identical.”

And, if you like your plan -

And, if you like your plan - you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor - you can keep your doctor.

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