County man facing additional child sex charges

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A Pasquotank County man already facing charges of first-degree sex offense and indecent liberties with a child has been indicted on additional child sex charges involving two new accusers.

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$5000.00 bond? Really? ....

$5000.00 bond? Really? ....

When will it be stopped?

This guy was a registered sex offender from waaaay back. How many more young lives are going to be ruined by allowing him and others like him to continue to roam freely? New legislation needs to be introduced to stiffen penalties for these predators, especially second time offenders. Death is too good for them. I say castration suits fittingly as punishment, along with life in prison sentences. That would give them ample time to suffer, and hey, plenty of time to fondle themselves!


is this sexual predator out of jail?! I guess the kids he's accused of molesting were "nobodys."

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