County, Sentara disagree on including land in lease

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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A land dispute threatens to delay a long-term lease of Albemarle Hospital by Sentara Healthcare.

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There is several good news stories, if we had a good reporter to dig into this. May be the same type thing that happen when schools funds ended up at hospital.

It is just Sentara being Sentara

Same story different location. This is just Sentara seeing how much they can get, which is to be expected. If the commissioners fold on this issue then Sentara will know they can walk all over them and all of the lease terms will slowly change. At the same time with the county being down graded to distressed due to decreasing population, surging indigent population and unemployment you have to wonder if Senatra might be getting buyers remorse. Then again, Sentara did present Obici as their comparable hospital to Albemarle Hospital during the RFP process, comparing Suffolk that has a population where the average household income is $57K with unemployment at 5.7percent to our $30K average household income and over 10percent unemployment shows that Sentara might have not been paying attention to the base payer numbers.

Please don't blow this great opportunity

for ECity. Sentara will utilize the property for the benefit of all. The property is across the road and that is an ideal location for expansion of health facilities. We need all the help we can get in health care. Please include the old Vicki Villa property to go to Sentara. It quite simply makes the most sense.

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