Currituck Dems tap unaffiliated Bell to run for vacant seat

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CURRITUCK — Unaffiliated voter Horace W. Bell III has been nominated by the Currituck County Democratic Party as its candidate for the vacant District 4 seat on the Currituck Board of Commissioners.

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Credentials are ???

Gene Gregory protege.

Blue Dog

Horace Bell is definitely a Blue Dog Democrat and I predict he will win in November.

Will he not be listed as a Democrat on the ballet?

Does he not have to be a registered Democrat by specific deadline? I think this is hilarious in light of the Democrat Party complaining about Andrew Womble changing Party registration and them questioning his Republican credentials!


I find it absolutely amazing that the Currituck Democratic Party could find no one amongst it's own either qualified or willing to run! Or is it that they know a Democrat has 2 chances (slim or none) of winning against a Republican candidate in Currituck County?

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