Currituck shooting range could be illegal

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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MOYOCK — The future of a shooting club in Moyock is uncertain because Currituck County’s ordinances don’t allow shooting ranges.

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Range info

Contrary to comments, there are shooting ranges in the area. One is located behind the Duck Thru on US-17 between Hertford and Edenton. It is a membership only shooting club with a 100 member limit. On a much larger and accessible scale, there is the public range in Manns Harbor that has been in operation for many years and operated and staffed by members of the Outer Banks Gun Club. Daily shooting fees apply to non-members, but yearly membership is available at a modest cost ($45 a year, I think). It offers both pistol and rifle ranges out to 330 yards, plus a skeet range. Range Masters are on duty and instructors are available on a limited schedule. This range is built on the old landfill there and was constructed with public grant monies available for this purpose and secured with assistance by former legislator Marc Daniels during his tenure. Open year round, Membership and visitor fees keep the range operating and the maintenance kept up. Granted, this is long drive for residents, and a public range, as proposed by Currituck BOC would be a godsend for shooting enthusiasts in the immediate NE counties. Public grant monies, and yes, even grants from the National Rifle Association are available for this purpose. Heavens knows, enough taxpayer money has been freely designated and doled out for basketball, tennis, football, and baseball fields over the years. Maybe those taxpayers who enjoy shooting sports will finally reap some benefit more aligned with their recreational pleasures. I certainly hope progress is made in the very near future and a decent public range can be constructed and made available for Camden Currituck, and Pasquotank County citizens!

and on second thought

Did the commissioners know that this range was in operation when they voted on the pawn shop?


"Currituck commissioners recently discussed the range when talking about possibly seeking a grant to build a public shooting range. Commissioners said they would not want to unfairly compete with private businesses like the one in Moyock." Now that is an interesting statement. Commissioners don't want to compete with a business that is not even legal? What about the industrial park at the airport? Isn't that competing with the other private industrial parks?

It is ridiculous

It is ridiculous that there is not a proper shooting range in all of NE NC.

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