DA looks to enforce Brooks’ sentence

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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The district attorney says he’ll soon seek a hearing in Pasquotank District Court to enforce the September 2012 sentencing of an Elizabeth City city councilman convicted of communicating a threat to a city electric worker.

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is proving he is the DA this area has needed for quite sometime. Congratulations on actually acting on the law Sir. It is my belief that Lamb wouldn't have acted on this for anything.

Anger Management

He doesn't need Anger Management, he just needs to mouth off at the right person, and have a fist slam into his big mouth. Then the problem will be solved.


He and King have always caused chaos and seem to "play the role" together. The two turn everything they do into racism. Get him off City Council and make his 200hrs of community service be something that is really work, i.e., cleaning out city drains would be a good start.

King & Brooks

Many mistakes have been made by everyone of us. King has owned up to his and is now working to make our City a better place for all. OR did you mean Rivers et all and not King. Then a great many of us would agree with you.


He should not be allowed to be on city council after making threats to a city worker. He is apparently a loose cannon and thinks he has some sort of authority. He seems to be an angry racist. Think about this before voting next time!

How long

does it take to put a criminal in jail. Do it today and be done with this jerk. This person is why our city has such a bad name. Take this loose cannon off our streets so at least our citizens can feel somewhat safe.

Race Card

Nothing will come from this other than more expense. Brooks will, as always, play the race card. Watch and see. it is all he knows how to do.

A good move

This is a good 1st move to start the ball rolling in putting Brooks in line. It's good to see Womble step up to the plate, since apparently, no one else had the "nads" to do it.

This is exactly why Andrew Womble should remain our DA.

This is why I wholeheartedly support Andrew Womble to remain our DA.

Amen, Mr. Lehmann.

How crazy that there was no process to track the status of cases in the DA's office previously. No wonder there was little follow through and ultimate prosecution. Plea deals were the norm because it took so long to even have the cases resolved! The newspaper used to ask follow-up questions and Parrish always mumbled some excuse about the status like on-going investigation, etc. I think the paper just gave up.

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