Davenport attorney claims ‘smear’ job by feds

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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The attorney for former Elizabeth City car dealer Jonathan Davenport claims federal charges were dropped against his client after prosecutors had blundered in failing to prove criminal wrongdoing and had resorted to including salacious claims to damage Davenport’s reputation.

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Maybe I'll be the odd duck ...

on this one but I think Mr. Davenport managed to do plenty of damage to his own reputation before all this federal stuff even came to light. I can understand the frustration if these charges weren't true but the fact is... his reputation was far from spotless to begin with.

I agree with that

I agree with Scarlet, far from a clean reputation and is probably the reason why Roughton was able to have an influential pull in this case. It should have been a civil case between Roughton and Davenport and never a criminal court case. Instead, god will only know how much of our tax dollars have been waisted for this mess. We already know the county is going to eat 39k of storage fees (roughly $1100/month and add to that each additional month goes by) that Roughton profits from. How much time in courts, sherrifs, District Attorneys and investigators have been waisted? All for a personal vendetta, pulled by personal favors by Roughton.

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