Decision 2014: Dem candidates split on restructuring board

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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One thorny issue that faces the next Pasquotank Board of Commissioners seated in December is the same one the current board is wrestling with: whether the basic structure of the board is fair, and if not, how should it be changed.

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The last thing Pasquotank County needs

is a government like Elizabeth City's.

Key word

"illegal" is the key word here. The proposed Majority-Minority District is nothing more than political jerrymandering! I said it before and I'll say it again. Produce a black candidate with good character, morals, and ethics and he/she will be elected to serve. Otherwise, forget it.

Politics Not Race

The illegal 4-2-1 plan is about creating a safe Democratic Party seat on the Pasquotank board of commissioners, period. It will reduce the election of at large commissioners representing ALL the people from 3 to 1. Do we want our board to become a facsimile of the constantly bickering city council?

What is the logical reasoning

What is the logical reasoning behind 'At-Large Commissioners'?

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