District attorney hopeful Nancy Lamb speaks to supporters outside the Pasquotank Board of Elections Office, Thursday.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

District attorney hopeful Nancy Lamb speaks to supporters outside the Pasquotank Board of Elections Office, Thursday.

Decision 2014: Longtime prosecutor Lamb files for DA

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Telling supporters that voters, not “the politicians in Raleigh,” should determine who serves as the region’s top prosecutor, longtime Assistant District Attorney Nancy Lamb announced her candidacy Thursday for district attorney in the 1st Prosecutorial District.

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Nancy Lamb's Experience

Boy, there's a big old elephant in this room that nobody's mentioned yet. Can anyone guess what that might pertain to?

Am I to understand that

Ms. Lamb was pleased to accept the Governor's interim appointment when he chose her but she is now criticizing the Governor's role in appointments to the office when he chose another? Hmmmm. May be why so many people think the DA's office was so poorly handled while she served in leadership in it.It is funny to hear Zee Lamb's wife criticize politics as part of any process. Does anyone remember Kim Parrish running Frank's race against HP Williams? The big criticism was DA William's involvement in the prosecution of the Edenton daycare case. Wasn't Nancy smack dab in the middle of that prosecution? But now she would be a great DA? Hmmmm.

Did Nancy Lamb criticize the appointment

process that filled Mark Basnight's seat when he resigned? Did she complain the voters of his District should decide who should represent them. Or, is it ok when her party, Democrats do this but not another.

I respect the voice of the attorneys of the First Judicial Distr

In a straw poll of the attorneys of the First Judicial District Andrew Womble was preferred over Nancy Lamb. This surprised me that Womble was chosen when I think 72% of those attorneys voting were Democrats, yet they chose a Republican. I place a lot of weight on a vote of one's peers. Your peers really know what you have done or have not done in the past and what you are capable of doing in the future. I think this speaks volumes.


Lamb is incompetent. Look at the way she handled the case for Corbin Cherry.




Tell me something besides shouting. WHY should I vote for Womble instead of Lamb?

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