Deferred prosecution agreements questioned

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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The Pasquotank sheriff and the general manager of a local golf club are questioning recent plea agreements reached by the District Attorney’s Office that drop felony theft charges against two of the club’s former employees if they pay restitution and successfully complete the terms of their probation.

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Versus 23 felony arrests no time

One needs to compare this singularly noticeable outburst of concern that two non-violent crimes by first-time offenders, got a deferred prosecution deal if they made restitution versus the innumerable unfathomable plea deals cut by the last DA and ASST DA.

This includes the incredible saga of one local thug who had 23 felony arrests and probably never even saw court until local PD went to the Feds and, surprise - surprise - surprise, he got 20+ years.

In my own personal experience I was told by the investigating sheriffs deputy that the last ADA wasn't interested in the theft of $3000 in furnishings by my renters and that it was a civil matter.

At least this DA made them do something or face prosecution.

TDA will be writing more

TDA will be writing more smear stories on Womble and other Republicans between now and November. That's their job.


It's election time and we have a republican running for a seat the democrats have had for years, and GOD only knows what the democrats were doing. The democrats and TDA will do everything possible to get their candidate back in. It's all about control.

Now this is a VERY interesting article.

How long has this sheriff been in office? Can anyone ever remember a newspaper article about cases involving theft of property that the Sheriff ever took his frustration to the paper and they agreed to write the piece? Are you serious!!!!! How many cases involving actually lives have been plea-bargained, unreported, not followed up on etc. under the former DA and his staff. Now in a couple of weeks we have two articles about pleas when there is a new DA? Coincidence it is an election year, sheriff is a big Dem, Waterfield has been a patsy for the Dem machine under Basnight and the new DA is Republican! Goodness gracious we must be considered absolutely stupid to not see right through this effort to promote the DEM DA candidate. Maybe Cartright would like to tell the public how many cases Parrish/Lamb pleaded out without notifying those involved in the case, including law enforcement? This is a huge disappointment for me regarding the paper and Cartright. Cartright has had to pander knowing who he has to rely on for votes, so did Parrish. Goodness there has to be a new day on the horizon for this County or we truly have no hope.

I disagree....

Given the amounts in question I would think that the plea agreements were in line. But if we are going to talk about fairness... how about this one: 2009, three bomb threats called in to ECSU, once during the NC Court of Appeals meeting at Kermit White, once during, I believe and OLF hearing, and the last time on municipal election day. On the last bomb threat, the NC State board of Elections immediately called the SBI and quickly the culprit was found to be a student at ECSU using a his cell phone to call in the bomb threats. I would like to reiterate that one bomb threat interrupted a proceeding of the NC Court of Appeals on campus and the last one interrupted a municipal election. These acts would be considered acts of terror. The culprit escaped with a misdemeanor. Do you think that the former District Attorney's office handled this case well? Betsy Meads


Apparently the Sheriff and newspaper did not think those cases and MANY others were worthy of public complaining. Gee, I wonder why our esteemed sheriff is so concerned about this little old case and the DA's handling of it. Why would this have caused him so much offense he would participate in an entire newspaper article about it and shut his mouth for sooooo many years publicly about the previous DA's handling of cases????? So Nancy Lamb thinks the DA's office shouldn't be influenced by politics now? Yet this is their strategy? Brother. I am losing more and more respect for more and more. You would hope at some point people who have lived here for so long and see all the obstacles that overwhelm us, they would simply want to see business done right. For all our sakes. Instead we see the same crowd desperately trying to perpetuate their power at the expense of all of us. To the new DA, please do not pander to this transparent crap. Do your job. Clear this pile of casework that has had no justice imposed. Be blind to the defendant AND the special interests, especially political. Do what you think is in the best interest of this area as a whole. Make your case to the people as to why you make the decisions you do. Don't let the paper or the Cartright/Basnight good old boy network be your filter. The District Attorney makes a huge huge impact on a community. It has held us back for a long time. Take the reigns and move us ahead. Thank you for your willingness to serve us despite these kind of disgusting, transparent partisan challenges.

Could It Be

One has to wonder if perhaps the hand of brotherhood was involved here. Would the fact that Jan Tade being the wife of EC police detective Joe Tade be a help in sweeping this under the rug (so to speak)? Would this agreement have been made if the brotherhood was not involved? Reeks of another case of the buddy system.

StoneGirls wrote:One has to

StoneGirls wrote:
One has to wonder if perhaps the hand of brotherhood was involved here. Would the fact that Jan Tade being the wife of EC police detective Joe Tade be a help in sweeping this under the rug (so to speak)? Would this agreement have been made if the brotherhood was not involved? Reeks of another case of the buddy system.
I agree, it absolutely was the reason this was swept under the rug. Nothing to see here, move along, hopefully no one will notice. Oh, someone did notice. Well then, its just to help with the backlog of cases. Hmmm, If it were me or you we would be waiting our time for prosecution and probably jail time. It's good to "know people" around here.

You hit the nail on the head

Geneva you are so right and the public needs to demand equal treatment. This is disgraceful and some digging might find other instances involving the same people. Actions like this are not a one time occurrence usually. I am very disappointed in Womble. I expected more out if him.

If the Pines

had a more professional management team, ie, a professional club manager, paid appropriate wages, this case would never would have happened.


Blame the victim much?


Blame the victim much?

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