Dems seek to fill void

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Two Democrats running for a local Senate seat are concerned with the leadership of state party Chairman Randy Voller, following a messy fight with party leaders over the party’s executive director.

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A few good men.

That's all the Dems are looking for. Why can't someone be found? Could it be all the many years of democratic lies, corruption, greed, scandals, stealing, self service, wastefulness, and misdirected spending of taxpayers monies, that they cannot find a credible or honest candidate amongst themselves. Methinks this sounds very plausible and correct! This predicament is akin to the biblical story about Sodom and Gomorrah, whereas Lot could not find even 10 righteous men within these sin filled cities to spare their destruction by God. Oh, how history tends to repeat itself!

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