Developer sues Currituck over land parcel

Cindy Beamon, Staff Writer

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CURRITUCK — A Norfolk, Va.-based developer has filed a second lawsuit against Currituck County over property disputes on the Outer Banks.

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No matter the reason, I am now automatically suspicious of any article, lawsuit, or situation involving a "developer". I hate the idea that some guy from elsewhere comes into our fair county, buys property for a pittance relatively speaking, and uses his cash-fueled bully stick to sue the county to be able to develop as he so chooses. The county is funded by our taxes, so essentially, Chip Friedman and others like him are suing all citizens of this county and we will foot the bill to defend ourselves. Not happy about that! This guy appears to have no actual interest whatsoever in benefiting the citizenry. Why should he? He does not live here. His only care seems to be the money he can make. Imagine that.

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